About EvanFlos

EvanFlos was established in 2012 by its founder Jaime K, a Universiti Putra Malaysia graduate in Biomedical Studies.

The name EvanFlos is a unique combination of words. Evan came from the word “Evangeline” which means “Bringer” while Flos means “Flower (happiness)”. Together, EvanFlos¬† ensembles the meaning of “Bringer of Happiness”.

As Jaime K was raised in a conventional family, she deeply believes that “Simple is happiness”. Here at EvanFlos, we are of the opinion that the simpler one’s heart, the happier the person is.

In our Garden of Joy, we came up with a decision to use simple ingredients to create a new variety of products. Indeed, our choice was a good one as our products are different from other products in the market. Our products are carefully handpicked, handcrafted and blended with selected herbs and spices. Just for you.